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control from here,
there, everywhere.
Welcome to the world of hassle free living. Now you can take your home with you. Want to turn off the ac from your office or turn on the geyser from your balcony? You can practically control your home from anywhere with Keus
AC Control
Fan Control
Curtain Control
Light Control
keus smart home
Wire free installation.
Worry free transformation.
The days of a complex wired home automation is over. Welcome to the world of wire free smart homes. With Keus you can literally make your home smart, anytime.
keus embedded switch
Simple retrofit
No extra wiring
Flicker free
smart is the new home
smart is the new home
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Keus Scene Switch
Change in mood,
Change the mood.
Change the way you interact with your home. The Keus scene control allows you to set the right moods for every room. Set your lighting, AC and curtains, the exact way it reflects your feeling.
keus living room
it's your home
create your rules.
Go to the app, choose your appliance, set your schedules and watch your home follow your order, forever. Its just that easy.
Preset Timers
Custom Timers
Device Schedule
Scene Schedule
keus voice control automation
Just say it.
Your home will just do it.
Wouldn't it be nice if your home actually listened to you. At Keus, we have ensured that the instruction-response experience of your voice assistant is truly wonderful.
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Talk to execute
keus sensors
many sensors
many more benefits.
The Keus smart sense range of sensors are designed to detect, process and add that super smartness your home needs.
Door window
Motion sensor
smart curtains automation
Smart home
Smarter curtains.
Its not magic. Its techonology, when your curtains open and close at the appointed time and play a significant part in your smart home experience.
Create personalised moods
Control from anywhere
Super quiet
Multi control
The master remote
Every home needs.
The Keus smart remote is that single point of control that allows you to integrate your a/c's, media system and tv into your smart home environment. Make these devices part of your preset schedules or scenes and convert your home into a smart home.
Multi functional
360 degree range
Easy to operate
home lighting automation
Go beyond the
yellows and whites
There's something wow about colors. From recessed to indirect lighting or from outdoors to indoors, the perfect lighting accent is a touch away.
Integrate with scenes
Personalised color patterns
Range of light effects
switch to a smart home
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